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7-8 EIA Flange

The EIA flange connectors are ideal for high power and high energy systems that require a robust mating interface. They are typically used in conjunction with large-diameter cables capable of power handling in kilowatt range.


The HN series is a medium-sized, weatherproof connector designed for high voltage applications. Slightly larger than the standard Type N interface, HN connectors are optimized for high power applications in harsh environment.


The LC coaxial connectors are typically used in high power or high voltage applications. Its extended dielectric provides additional protection in high voltage environment and can typically handle up to 5,000 Vrms.


The SC coaxial connectors are used in a wide range of applications, including instrumentation and test and measurement. This standard-sized interface can be optimized to handle up to 3,000 Vrms in high energy applications.

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