RF Interconnect Solutions for Industrial Applications

Manufacturing represents an incredibly diverse array of businesses and industries. From aerospace and defense to construction and metal fabrication, the production of goods demands robust RF applications to drive mission-critical manufacturing processes. At Times Microwave Systems®, we provide an extensive portfolio of cables, assemblies, and connector solutions for industrial clients of all sizes, built for reliability in the most extreme operating conditions.

Two primary areas often demand coaxial cable solutions for industrial applications: high power RF interconnect solutions and assemblies that power communications for applications that enable industrial IoT, including sensors and monitoring.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, food processing, flat-panel manufacturing equipment, broadcast and high-power lasers, and chemicals/material processing all use RF technologies to deliver high power to systems used to deposit, remove or modify materials on a macroscopic/microscopic scale; to cook or heat food ingredients on an industrial scale, or to initiate a catalytic reaction in industrial chemical processing.

Choosing Coaxial Cables for Industrial Applications

Design challenges often faced when selecting the optimal coaxial cable assembly solution for industrial applications include:

  • high power, high flexibility and low loss requirements
  • kink-free designs to help with flex/turn installations; nimble movement in tight and compact places
  • The flexibility to perform in environments with repeated movement
  • Applications where RF needs to be low loss/signal to prevent interference.

High-temperature performance represents a key differentiator for Times Microwave Systems, but so does safety. The flame-resistant qualities of our coaxial cables and assemblies give our customers peace of mind with the confidence that comes from using military-grade materials with extremely high tolerances and consistent, repeatable performance.

We don’t build solutions to meet the needs of one key performance metric or customer request; we design our cabling and assembly solutions to meet and exceed the most extreme tolerances possible. With our broad range of solutions and capabilities for producing custom cables and connectors, we are uniquely positioned to help with any industrial high-power RF transmission application.

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