RF Interconnect Solutions for Test and Measurement

RF testing requires unique coaxial cable and connector solutions. At Times Microwave, we develop durable coaxial assemblies that can withstand extensive handling and continuous movement from frequent connecting and disconnecting while maintaining precise repeatability of measurement and reliable electrical performance. Every day, however, measurement standards become more complex. We provide a wide range of test and interconnect applications that work in concert with the changes demanded by test equipment manufacturers.

Ultimately, working with us ensures your testing process is future-proof. With technologies like 5G, 6G, semiconductor testing and on-wafer probing pushing RF equipment into higher frequencies and different spectrum bands, cabling solutions designed for these more demanding environments is imperative. The automotive industry is increasingly integrating radar solutions and sensors to support safety-critical applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving and collision avoidance that increase the complexity of test setups, requiring more test leads and connection points than ever before. In short, all of these advanced technologies have introduced new testing challenges in terms of repeatability, reliability, and reproducibility.

  • Phase stability: Frequency, time delay, and physical properties such as length, dielectric constant, and propagation velocity affect electrical length. Coaxial cables must contain a consistent dielectric material throughout the length of the cable to create a constant velocity factor. Even if the material is consistent, environmental and handling factors can alter the cables’ electrical properties – like temperature fluctuations, flexure, twisting, pulling, and crushing can happen to a cable during installation and maintenance. A phase-stable cable assembly built with the TF4® and a helically wound metalized interlayer helps maintain a flexible, phase, and amplitude stable test assembly.
  • Long flex life: It is essential to use a very flexible cable material that can be moved around on a test bench, either in R&D or in a production environment. Testing often moves from module to module. With high frequencies, this could require recalibration every time a module or cable moves. However, using a cable that can bend and flex will significantly reduce the amount of recalibration required while maintaining stability.
  • Availability: Specialized cables often have long lead times. Our expanding global footprint, vast network of manufacturing facilities, and well-established product inventory help us continue providing our quality products at competitive prices. We have continually increased our on-hand stock for standard materials across internal and distributor-serviced warehouses.

At the end of the day, testing demands a reliable and seasoned partner. Our team has the experience and market knowledge necessary to deploy testing applications for any number of complex environments, with decades of product development to support our diverse test and measurement lines, meeting the needs of any budget and testing application.

Customers worldwide trust Times Microwave to provide future-proof testing solutions to support industries ranging from automotive to aerospace. Backed by a robust network of manufacturing facilities and seasoned engineering teams, we are ready to meet your test and measurement needs.


Rapidly Advancing Technologies Create New Challenges for RF Test and Measurement

Advances in Military Avionics Technologies Create New Challenges for RF Test and Measurement

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