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Tools are an important aspect of cable assemblies, and are used frequently for field installations where cables must be reliably terminated in the field. Many small coaxial cable prep tools are generic, adjustable tools; however, these can lead to many potential termination problems like nicked outer braids, nicked center conductors, crushed cores, and improper strip lengths.

Times Microwave Systems makes completely customized tools designed to eliminate these issues when terminating our cables.


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The hard case toolkits from Times Microwave Systems mean all the tools needed for an installation are in one location. The cases are designed for the tools to fit neatly inside, making it easy to be sure you aren’t missing any tools for every installation. Each kit includes:

  • Necessary Tools
  • Protective Hard Case
  • Protective Foam Insert with Etched Part Numbers


Times Microwave Systems also has soft-case tool kits, as well as a tool pouch.

Cutting Tools

When cutting a cable, it’s crucial to make sure the cable remains round to maintain impedance uniformity. Other cutting tools can crush the outer conductor, burr the center conductor, or bend the center conductor, all of which are detrimental to the cable. A clean, sharp, square cut of the cable is critical for optimal electrical performance.

Times Microwave Systems’ cutting tools are spring loaded and easy to use by design. They give a repeatable clean cut that doesn’t damage the dielectric, and have been tested to over 2000 cuts. The CCT-02 will cut the cable without bending or burring the center conductor. The CCT-03 is an ergonomic version of the CCT-02 ideally suited for LMR-400 and smaller cables. Times Microwave Systems’ CCT tools are only suited for cables with a solid center conductor.

Prep Tools

Times Microwave Systems has developed a one step cable stripping tool that provides a sharp, clean cut every time. Tested to over 2000 cuts, it removes the jacket without damaging the braid and is as easy to use as an old fashioned pencil sharpener. With a built in debur tool, these prep tools strip the jacket to support both crimp and clamp connectors, and the prep length supports a variety of our connectors.

Crimp Tools

Times Microwave Systems developed our own line of tools, which includes a pin crimp tool for pin crimp connectors. It creates 4 indents 90 degrees apart to make a very secure crimp to the center conductor. The Times line of crimp tools includes:

  • Economical fixed multi-die tools
  • Economical ratcheting, fixed single-die tools
  • Heavy-duty ratcheting crimp handle with replaceable dies

Specialty Tools

Beyond the cutting, preparation, and crimp tools, some cables and assemblies require additional tools for installation. Specialty tools such as these include strip tools for grounding kits, wrenches, and surge protection testers.


In addition to the numerous tools, Times Microwave Systems offers the necessary accessories to complete installations for cable assemblies.

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