RF Interconnect Solutions for the Automotive Market

The modern automobile is no longer a basic means of transportation. In a matter of years, consumers have transitioned from relying on a simple array of gauges to interpret vehicle systems to demanding world-class communications networks from the confines of a cabin. Systems like GPS, infotainment, car-to-car and wireless communications, collision avoidance, automated braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot detection are quickly becoming standard features instead of options reserved for only the most exclusive automobiles.

Automotive electronic systems provide a range of services and features that manufacturers rely on to keep passengers safe and provide the connectivity consumers expect in any modern device. RF technology is essential for these systems to communicate with each other, and its scale will only increase as autonomous driving becomes increasingly commercialized.

At Times Microwave Systems®, we provide an extensive portfolio of cables, assemblies, and connector solutions for automotive applications of all sizes. There are two primary areas where we excel: automotive test cables and specialty cable products such as coiled cables.

Automotive Testing

The automotive industry is increasingly integrating radar solutions and sensors to support safety-critical applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving and collision avoidance that increase the complexity of test setups, requiring more test leads and connection points than ever before. These advanced technologies have introduced new testing challenges in terms of repeatability, reliability, and reproducibility.

Our proven RF test cables [JC1] help automotive manufacturers ensure complex, multi-layered automotive systems are working properly and verify the functionality of these safety-critical systems operating in extremely demanding RF environments, helping to ensure they deliver the interconnected experience consumers expect.

Coiled Cables

We also offer custom coiled cable designs for heavy equipment and heavy trucks. Initially designed for HD video transmission on heavy trucks, these RF cables are formed in a coil to provide extra stretch and flexibility, providing an excellent option for dynamic installations in tight spaces.

In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver RF products that meet the most demanding requirements, including customized product design, installation, regulatory compliance, and performance improvement. With decades of experience building thousands of assemblies deployed in the most rigorous environments, our team is built to help manufacturers bring the automobile into the next advanced electronics frontier.


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