SilveLine 6.0 Steel Armored TuffGrip

SilverLine®-TG test cables are designed for sweep testing cellular infrastructure site cables and antennas. TuffGrip employs a hefty handgrip at the system end to better withstand the rigors of field work. Steel armored assemblies for crush resistance make this assembly robust for any environment.

Stock Code: 05791-SLS06TG

SilveLine 6.0 GHz Steel Armored Tuff Grip (SLSTG)

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This a factory assembled custom assembly. The cable and connectors are not available for individual sale.

Connector A
SilveLine 6.0 Steel Armored TuffGrip
Connector B
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Overall Diameter (in)0.43
Overall Diameter (mm)10.92
Min. Bend Radius (in.)2.5
Min. Bend Radius (mm)57
Flex Life
Crushing Force (lbs/
Mating Lifecycle5000
Operating Temp.°C (°F)-55° to 105°C (-67° to 221°F)
Velocity of Propagation (%)70
Shielding Effectiveness (dB)>90
Capacitance (pF/ft)29.4
Capacitance (pF/m)96.4
Nominal Attenuation(dB/ft)
Nominal Attenuation(dB/m)
Amplitude Stability (dB)+/-0.1
Phase Stability (deg)+/-1.1
Power Handling (DWV)180
Max Frequency (GHz)6

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Part number structure

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Cable details