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The 2.92mm connector is a 40 GHz connector and has a male pin shorter than an SMA or 3.5mm interface to ensure outer contacts engagement before the pin and female receptacle mate. This design feature minimizes wear and mating stress seen by misalignment in an SMA or 3.5mm connector.  The 2.92mm connector also has a thicker wall than a standard SMA. The 2.92mm series mates with SMA and 3.5mm connectors.


The 2.4mm connector series is a 50 Ghz connector similar in size to the SMA/3.5MM/2.92MM series and uses a thick outer wall to eliminate the fragility seen in SMA and 2.92mm connectors. The 2.4mm interface mates with 1.85mm series without adapters and is NOT intermateable with the SMA or it’s similar counterparts.


The 3.5mm connectors are 26.5 GHz high-performance, low VSWR and low-loss coaxial connectors designed to maintain mechanical and electrical integrity through repeated mating cycles and can be mated with the SMA or 2.92mm connector series.


The SMP interface is a subminiature interface commonly used in high-frequency, high-density applications where space is limited, and environmental sealing or low EMI is not required.

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