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Candice Roper

"A great employee is like a four-leaf clover—hard to find and lucky to have! I have a collection of our four-leaf clovers!"


Robert Davino

"I appreciate the hard work, effort, and willingness it takes to get the job done. An organization is all about the people, and our employees help to make this a great place to work."


Susan Kelley

"Our team is willing to dig in and solve whatever problem is in front of them."


Rick Jackson

"My team has a can-do attitude, and they are willing to go above and beyond to get the task at hand done!"


Monica Grandy

"I appreciate my employees because we work together to achieve the goals set for us."


Dave Kiesling

"The creativity and commitment people bring to Times for building such an esoteric product inspires me every day. Who knew that coax could be so exciting?"

Team Member Benefits

Times Microwave Systems offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefit package that includes a generous 401(k) match and Tuition Assistance.

  • Health Benefits

    Good health benefits are essential to your continued wellness and Times Microwave Systems recognizes this, which is why we offer a comprehensive health benefits package. *Health insurance that covers you and your family through Blue Cross Blue Shield *HSA and FSA Options *HSA company contribution *Vision and dental plans that support preventative care along with other services and necessities

  • Retirement Benefits

    Retirement might be close or far off for you, but either way, Times Microwave Systems wants to assist its employees in saving toward their retirement. *401K match *Investments managed through Fidelity *25% vesting for each year of employment

  • Additional Perks

    Times Microwave Systems believes that assisting employees with their retirements and offering health benefits is just good business practice, but we also believe in going above and beyond for those who work for us. *A strong EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offering five free mental health counseling sessions, one-on-one financial and legal assistance, and support from other medical and service professionals *Company paid Life Insurance *Company-sponsored Short and Long -term Disability plans *Bereavement and Jury Duty Leave *12-13 Holidays a year including Floating Holidays

At Times Microwave Systems, we want our employees to be able to pursue lives of happiness and wholeness. For this reason, we try to do our part in helping employees by providing an array of benefits that support health, wellness, personal and job growth. While everyone’s journey is different, we hope you will consider making us a part of yours.

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Our Core Values

At Times Microwave Systems, our Core Values are much more than just "words on a wall." They are used to align our culture, guide us in our jobs, and make the right business decisions for the Company. As a team, we devoted considerable time to reflect, discuss, debate, and ultimately identify our Core Values. These are the cultural ingredients that make us special.


No Excuses | Credible | Own It | Make it Happen

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Freedom to Try | Courage to Make Decisions | Learn from Mistakes | Treat as your own Business


Straight Communication | Real Listening | Confront Difficult Issues

Intelllectual Curiosity

Excited to Learn | Solve Problems | Spark Passion | Embrace Challenges


No Politics | Partner for Solutions | We vs Me