As systems demand higher frequency, the coaxial cable assembly becomes a crucial component of the system

Low Loss

Signal loss through a length of coaxial cable is primarily a function of two elements: length and frequency. The longer the length of a coaxial cable, the more signal is lost. The higher the frequency of the signal passing through the coaxial cable, the higher the loss over a given length. Coaxial cable loss is normally specified in dB loss per 100 feet of cable.

Signal loss for coaxial cables depends on length and frequency. Crucial to many systems, low loss cables should help ensure high fidelity.

Additionally, when a signal transitions from a circuit board to the connector, it is imperative to minimize reflections as much as possible. At higher frequencies, imperfections in the transition from a coaxial connector to a circuit board structure become more apparent. If not appropriately designed, these imperfections can cause parasitic and spurious signal responses. They manifest in either return loss or insertion loss, spikes, and magnitude increases, all of which are undesirable.

As systems demand higher frequency, the coaxial cable assembly becomes a crucial component of the system. There is less and less room for manufacturing variations. A very repeatable, low insertion loss cable that functions throughout the desired frequency range should be used to ensure high fidelity. Similarly, the board-level product should be matched to the circuit board at the launch to ensure low return loss.

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