RF Interconnect Solutions for Advanced Medical Applications

Today’s healthcare providers are increasingly utilizing advanced medical diagnostic, imaging, and treatment systems designed to achieve earlier detection of medical conditions and support remote patient monitoring. The list of devices and technology supported by RF technology is vast, including computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound systems, radio frequency ablation (RFA), microwave ablation (MWA), and more. In addition, the communications infrastructure of healthcare environments is evolving to support 5G networks that deliver the connectivity necessary to support telehealth and wearable devices.

Put simply, medical electronics applications depend on high performance and reliability from mission-critical components such as coaxial cables and connectors. We have a long, proven history in the medical industry. With one of the largest RF interconnects technology portfolios globally, our healthcare customers benefit significantly from next-generation coaxial cable and connector solutions.

A sampling of the design challenges often faced when selecting the optimal coaxial cable assembly solution for medical applications includes:

  • the need for coaxial cables with high power, high flexibility, and low loss
  • kink-free designs to help with flex/turn installations; nimble movement in tight and compact places
  • the flexibility to perform in environments with repeated movement
  • and situations where the RF needs to be low loss/signal to prevent interference

We understand that today’s healthcare environment is constantly changing. Working with an expert product team ensures your advanced communication network is always online, supported by cable and connector systems that can reliably transport the significant power loads transmitted by hospital equipment, like MRI machines.

By partnering with us for complex medical cabling solutions, healthcare developers benefit from the collective experience of an industry expert entrenched in various performance-critical industries such as military electronics, aerospace, space, and other rugged environments, with the ability to create custom solutions designed for any specific need.


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