Radar systems endure a wide variety of environmental conditions and pose varied requirements. With such variety, it is crucial to design optimized RF cable assemblies for each application’s unique needs and technical challenges.

Cables Keep Radar Antennas Tracking

Solution Times: Ideal for Radar Applications

RF Cables for Radar Applications

How Radar Works

Radar powered systems count on reliability and stability to achieve mission critical tasks in a variety of fields.

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Airborne Radar

Airborne radar systems are essential for many organizations, both military and civilian.

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Space-Based Radar

Space-based radar systems are designed for global on-demand surveillance and resource monitoring.

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Shipboard Radar

Shipboard radar systems are an important element of ship navigation and safety on ships.

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Phased Array Radar

Phased array radars are electronically steered antennas with multiple radiating elements.

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Ground Radar

Ground radar is a broad term that can refer to any type of radar system that is positioned on the ground.

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How to Choose a Cable for Radar Systems

The selection of appropriate coaxial cables for radar systems depends on the specific applications, as well as the requirements for frequency, loss, and phase. Some important factors to consider when selecting coaxial cables for radar applications include:



Phase Critical

High Power

Microwave & Low Loss

Harsh Environments