PhaseTrack® Low Smoke Brochure

The PhaseTrack® Low Smoke (PTLS) is an advanced, low-smoke, zero-halogen, phase-stable coaxial cable that features our proprietary foamed polyethylene dielectric, TF5™. This unique material ensures exceptional phase stability over a wide range of temperatures, making PTLS cable assemblies ideal for shipboard and other MIL-DTL-17 applications requiring stable phase performance in varying environmental conditions.

Key Features:

Low-Smoke Emission: In confined spaces such as ships and submarines, safety during a fire is paramount. PTLS cables emit smoke that is less optically dense, enhancing visibility. The use of halogen-free materials ensures that the smoke is clearer and whiter, preventing the release of toxic gases.

Phase Stability: Designed to maintain consistent phase stability over a broad temperature range, these cables are perfect for critical applications where precise RF signal transmission is crucial.

Versatile Sizes: Available in four cable diameter sizes, from 0.2 to 0.6 inches, PhaseTrack Low Smoke cables meet HF through K band frequency requirements, including an optimized version for minimal loss in the Ku band.

Factory-Tested Assemblies: Supplied as complete, factory-tested assemblies, PTLS cables guarantee minimal loss and optimal performance, ensuring reliability in demanding environments.


  • Shipboard and Naval
  • Military and Defense
  • In-Building Riser Runs
  • Wireless Base Station Interconnect

PhaseTrack Low Smoke Brochure