Quantum computing is the next frontier of computation, representing a significant shift in computing performance capabilities. As quantum computing becomes more prevalent in research, it will be saving years of development time and a substantial amount of money in engineering design. The performance capabilities inherent in quantum computing require robust RF interconnects and cable assemblies to transport data to and from the quantum computer reliably.

diagram of a quantum computer

What Is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing represents the next great shift in computing abilities, and has a place in a growing number of applications.

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The Difference Between Classical and Quantum Computing

The main difference between Classical and Quantum Computing lies in the method and speed with which computations are performed.

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Types of Quantum Computing Technology

With the increased use of quantum computing comes the rise in related technologies.

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Frequency Matters Podcast: Quantum Computing with Dave Slack

Gary Lerude of Microwave Journal recently spoke with Dave Slack, Engineering Director at Times Microwave Systems, on quantum computing.

Optimizing Microwave Signal Transmissions In Extreme Cryogenic Environments

This paper describes the rational for choosing the optimum cable for use in cryo cooled amplifier applications.

Outside the Box Solutions for Inside-the-box Applications: Webinar Summary

Technological advances across industries are leading to more complicated requirements for RF systems to accommodate higher frequencies, inside of devices that are continually getting smaller.

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RF Coaxial Lines at Room Temperature

Multiport Systems

The M8 family of multiport interconnect solutions have been the go-to system for a wide range of platforms worldwide.

Bundled Solutions

The TMQ4 and TMQ5 bundled coaxial cable solution reduces individual connections while creating a rugged solution.

MaxGain Assemblies

MaxGain® are ultra-low loss, flexible, fully tested microwave custom cable assemblies.

SFT Assemblies

StripFlex assemblies have a three-layer shielding system to protect the dielectric.

Inside the Box Cables


InstaBend® are flexible, coaxial microwave assemblies designed for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules and enclosure panels.

Box to Box Cables

PhaseTrack Assemblies

PhaseTrack® cable assemblies are designed for applications demanding minimal phase change over temperature.

SFT Assemblies

StripFlex assemblies have a three-layer shielding system to protect the dielectric.