Quantum Computing

Robust RF cable assemblies to transport data in the extreme temperatures of quantum computers

RF Interconnect Solutions for Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the next frontier of computation, representing a significant shift in computing performance capabilities. As quantum computing becomes more prevalent in research, it will be saving years of development time and a substantial amount of money in engineering design. The performance capabilities inherent in quantum computing require robust RF interconnects and cable assemblies to transport data (qubits) to and from the quantum computer reliably.

To keep quantum computers stable, they need to be exceptionally cold—typically colder than the vacuum of space. Quantum computers require specialized cabling solutions such as rugged, low-loss and phase-stable coaxial assemblies. We build cabling products for the most challenging environments on the planet, including the extreme temperatures of the cryo-chamber, which can reach zero degrees Kelvin.

Quantum computing also requires signal access points close to processors and non-magnetic coaxial cables to eliminate potential interference with applied magnetic fields. At Times Microwave Systems, we build hermetically sealed custom coaxial cabling assemblies that address the need for reliable performance in grueling environments by utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques that ensure zero electric field distortion.

For example, our SiO2 cable assemblies represent a major advancement in coaxial cable technology, providing exceptionally low hysteresis with phase stability at a given temperature even after extreme excursions. This class of semi-rigid cables was initially developed to support spaceflight missions, where the ability to withstand vacuum and extremely low temperatures are critical.

The world’s leading manufacturers utilize quantum computing to tackle incredibly complex operations, from global shipping logistics to universe simulation. The RF cable assemblies these systems rely on must be custom built to customer specifications, with specific bend radiuses and lengths that Times Microwave can deliver on aggressive timelines from one of its global manufacturing facilities. Count on our deep experience across highly technical markets to provide reliable transport for your quantum computing programs.