The Mini-UHF connectors are a miniature UHF 3/8-24 thread size, with excellent RF performance for applications where size, weight, and cost factors are critical.

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Mini UHF, straight, TC style connector for FBT-400, LMR®-400, TCOM®-400,... male (plug) Straight 3190-520 FBT-400 LMR-400 LMR-400-DB LMR-400-FR LMR-400-FR-PVC LMR-400-LLPX LMR-400-RR-DB TCOM-400


Mini UHF, male (plug), straight, TC style connector for FBT-240,... male (plug) Straight 3190-445 FBT-240 LMR-240 LMR-240-DB LMR-240-FR LMR-240-LLPX LMR-240-MA LMR-240-PVC TCOM-240 TCOM-240-FR

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