Robotics is the future for a multitude of applications and industries, from repetitive tasks people aren’t keen on doing to dangerous tasks that would risk human life. No matter what application a robot is used in, it may require cables designed to endure consistent flexing without a degradation of performance.

Industrial Robots

Robotic arms are increasingly used in industrial or manufacturing applications to handle repetitive tasks and boost production efficiency.

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Drones are flying robots used frequently in both military and commercial applications.

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Medical Robots

Popular treatments currently assisted by robotics include minimally invasive procedures, but in the future robots could be doing remote surgery.

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XtendedFlex™ 178 Flex Test

XtendedFlex 178 maintains consistent performance under millions of flexes

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Robotics-assisted treatments include minimally invasive procedures

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Times Microwave Systems XtendedFlex 045 Press release

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Cables for Robotics Applications


XtendedFlex® is a solution for applications requiring constant cable motion and flexibility.


XtendedFlex® 045 is a revolutionary cable in the XtendedFlex product line that boasts unrivaled compactness and flexibility.

TMQ4 and TMQ5

TMQ4™ and TMQ5™ bundled cable solution dramatically reduces the number of individual connections creating a more rugged solution.


TF-047 is a versatile micro-coaxial cable ideal for high-density applications.


InstaBend® cable assemblies are flexible coaxial assemblies designed for small interconnects.