Medical Robots

Medical robotics is a rapidly growing field with unique and challenging requirements at the system and component level. Popular treatments currently assisted by robotics include minimally invasive procedures, but in the future robots could perform remote surgery and become semi or fully autonomous with the integration of artificial intelligence.

Radiofrequency ablation and Microwave ablation are two applications where medical robotics are already involved. These technologies use electrical and microwave energy to heat precise areas and destroy abnormal cells. The interconnects used in these applications are typically flexible micro-coaxial cables and micro-miniature connectors to enable the smallest practical form factor possible. Key parameters to consider with these applications are loss/attenuation, operating temperature range, flexibility, and low shape memory.

Medical robots require special bundled cables that will be used in combination with robotic arms to perform these critical tasks.

Cables for Medical Robotics

The versatile XF-045 is an exceptionally compact cable that combines unparalleled flexibility with low attenuation, making it well-suited for applications that require a balance of optimal power delivery with thermal properties and durability. The new micro-coaxial cable is ideal for medical devices used in minimally invasive procedures, including endoscopic devices, microwave ablation, and medical imaging. It is also ideal for industrial and automotive sensor connectivity.

The micro-coaxial cable is ideal for single-use and re-usable sterilizable applications as a discrete transmission line or integrated into a cable bundle for higher-density solutions. XtendedFlex® 045 can also be combined into a hybrid cable assembly with multiple transmission media, such as fiber optic and fluid lines, providing a single integrated cable solution for power, signal, and thermal management.

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