Making Installation Easy

March 1, 2022


Don’t let your RF interconnect be the weak link in your system. Our LMR® line of low-loss coaxial cables provide optimal performance up to 8 GHz, covering almost every wireless application. LMR cables are available in constructions and sizes for every environment and loss budget.

Along with our LMR cables, we’ve developed a rugged, high- performance family of non-solder (EZ) connectors that eliminate most variables found in a typical connector termination. The X series connectors all use the same prep dimensions and are compatible with our CST prep tools and our IP-67 rated WSB strain relief boots.

The X series connectors are tri-metal plated for excellent corrosion resistance, are IP-67 rated, and do not require trimming of the braid wires. Combining the LMR cables and X series connectors with our termination tools and WSB boots makes installation simpler than ever.