Industrial RF Energy

RF energy has been used in the industrial sector, most commonly in plasma processes, lighting, and heating. There have been continuous efforts to apply RF energy more broadly in areas such as chemical and food processing.   

Operating in the 915-MHz and 2.4-GHz ISM bands, RF energy is an efficient means to heat materials ranging from wood to polymer. A well-designed system can provide precise control – allowing heating in only targeted area. This is a desired attribute in industrial food processing.  In the emerging alt-meat sector, which may require high level of energy in its processes, RF technology offers clear advantages over conventional systems.

Key Solutions

Low-loss coaxial cables: Low cable attenuation minimizes energy loss and heat dissipation. Low-loss cables are particularly advantageous when long lengths are required.   

Quick-disconnect connectors: Positive locking mechanism eliminates tools and potential human error associated with conventional threaded interfaces. The tool-free installation minimizes debris and other contaminants.  

Flame resistance: Flame-resistant jacket on high power cable adds a layer of protection and containment, especially in confined indoor space. 

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