July 2018
For immediate release

Press Release

LMR Express Coaxial Cable Assemblies from Times Microwave Systems

Times Microwave Systems® has introduced a new program to supply standard LMR assemblies to your door within two weeks of order placement.
These assemblies incorporate the latest connector designs along with new WSB weather seal boots. Now you can experience Times quality with quick-turn delivery. All assemblies are 100% tested for VSWR and IL, protected with dust caps and individually packaged in labeled poly bags. The product meets VSWR of 1.25:1 up to 2.5 GHz and 1.35:1 up to 6.0 GHz (except for the BNC interface which is limited to 2.5 GHz).
The product incorporates a “Smart” part number, unique lot number and is labeled as Times factory-made. The two-week delivery encompasses nine of the most popular cables and connectors. Contact your Times Sales Representative for instant pricing.

Cables                                            Connectors
LMR-195-DB                               N, BNC, SMA and TNC

LMR-240-DB                        N, BNC, QMA, SMA, TNC and 1.0/2.3

LMR-400-DB                                  N, BNC, SMA and TNC

Smart Part Number Example: LMR195NMSM1.0M
Lead time for all other cable-connector combinations to be determined at time of request.

About Times Microwave Systems

A pioneering brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connector designs, Times Microwave Systems is a division of Amphenol. The company has more than 70 years of experience in the industry and offers the most comprehensive suite of products on the market. Times Microwave Systems continues to rapidly expand its portfolio by addressing defense, medical, telecommunications, precision tests, and space applications. With a staff of more than 100 engineers and a global manufacturing presence, Times Microwave Systems is uniquely qualified to produce the right solution for our customers’ complex requirements.