The LMR-600-DB coaxial cable from Times Microwave Systems is a low-loss, high-performance 50 Ohms coaxial cable designed for outdoor applications. It features a foam dielectric and a double-braided shield, which provide excellent signal strength and protection against interference. The cable has a UV-resistant jacket and watertight braids for direct burial applications. With better bending and handling than smooth wall or corrugated hard-line cables, the LMR-600-DB cable is ideal for use in wireless communication systems and applications that require high power handling and low attenuation. It is available in a variety of lengths and connectors to meet your specific needs.


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LMR-600 watertight, Black PE jacket

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Part NumberLMR-600-DB
Overall Diameter (mm)14.986
Overall Diameter (in)0.59
Weight Kg/m0.1949
Weight lb/ft0.131
Operating Temp.°C (°F)-40° to 85°C
(-40° to 185°F)
Min. Bend Radius (mm)38.1
Min. Bend Radius (in)1.5
Bending Moment (Nm)3.730944525
Bending Moment (ft-lb)2.75
Max Frequency (GHz)6
Impedance (ohms)50
Power Handling (DWV)-

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