Space Orbits

Vacuum and radiation are two primary elements that pose specific risks to RF cable performance in spaceflight applications. Therefore, it is critical to specify cables that will not outgas, resist multipaction as appropriate, withstand the radiation environment, and use materials that are not susceptible to whiskering.  

There are three main types of orbit in space: Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO). LEO is orbit with an altitude at or below 2,000km; MEO is also known as Intermediate Circular Orbit (ICO) and is located above 2,000km but below 35,786km; GEO is located at 35,786km.

GEO/ MEO Satellites

GEO and MEO satellites are typically used for:

  • Navigation & Communication  
  • Gamma Ray Detection  
  • Weather Monitoring  
  • Radio/TV Networks 
  • Broadband  
  • Space Environmental Sciences 

LEO Satellites

LEO satellites are typically used for:

  • Earth Observation  
  • Surveillance  
  • Telecom  
  • Space Telescopes  
  • Earth Sensing 
  • Space Cubes 

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