Solution Times: Wi-Fi Network Solution

July 12, 2022

A Voyage on the High Seas

Military ships and pleasure boats are constructed almost entirely of the materials that make effective signal transmission in a Wi-Fi network a challenge. Metal and fiberglass are well-known for disturbing radio waves. Compact corridors and stairways bounce and reflect Wi-Fi signals off one another, weakening signal strength and making it difficult to propagate a secure network from bow-to-stern.


A common culprit contributing to Wi-Fi reflectivity is the copper outer conductor in corrugated cables. Our team selected the copper-less T-RAD® 600 as the ideal cable to carry a consistent Wi-Fi signal. T-RAD® 600 is a leaky feeder cable used to emit signals along the entire length of the cable. Its kink-free, flexible design makes it the ideal choice for bending and curving along the interior of a ship.