Solution Times: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

March 1, 2022

Into the Tunnel

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) leverages RF pulses, carried by coaxial cables, to see inside our bodies in detailed pictures. Coaxial cable assemblies deliver RF power from the equipment room to the electromagnetic coils. Our LMR®-900 and LMR®-1200 meet these high power demands. Their inherent flexibility allows easy handling during installation.


For patient table and other MRI components subjected to high dynamic flexure, Times Microwave's TCOM® and HF cable families provide durable and reliable connectivity.

Times Microwave's high-performance cables are available in flame resistant and low-smoke options. Whether it is a new installation or upgrade to an existing MRI site, installers can choose from TCOM®-FR to LMR®-LLPX to meet building code and compliance requirement. Times Microwave, providing actionable solutions for complex applications.