Solution Times: 800 km Away!

March 2, 2022

Capturing Precision Detail

Thousands of satellites capture images and map untouched polar regions and distant forests and jungles in vivid detail. This incredible feat is accomplished using Synthetic Aperture Radar. Supporting the missions are SiO2 semi-rigid cable assemblies. To gather precise radar detail down to 3 cm from an altitude of 800 km — satellites require a rugged, phase stable RF cable assembly.


SiO2 cables enable the high power, phase stability, accuracy and low loss required to maintain high power signals through the rigors of spaceflight. From the high-temperature launch to the cryogenic frost of space, satellite equipment must be able to withstand this harsh environment indefinitely. All connectors for SiO2 cable assemblies incorporate a fired glass hermetic seal to help defend against the elements of space.