Selecting the Right Cable Assembly to Meet the Demands of Commercial Space Applications

The commercial space industry is experiencing a period of significant growth and development. Within this industry, the most common commercial space application is low-earth orbit satellites, also known as LEO satellites. These satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude of 2,000 km or less. LEO satellites are commonly used for Earth observation, surveillance, telecom, space telescopes, Earth sensing, and space cubes.

low earth orbit satellites in space over the earthLEO satellites and other commercial space applications rely on durable, dependable RF cable assemblies that consistently offer high performance. However, space presents many extreme environmental conditions which pose distinct challenges for RF cable assemblies.

As the exploration of space continues, the availability of cable assemblies that can withstand these extreme conditions and function continuously over a long period of time is an increasing concern.

Finding the Right Supplier

To alleviate the challenges of selecting cable assemblies for space applications, it is recommended to work with a supplier with a heritage of building such assemblies and has access to a variety of materials and technologies to provide the best solution. An example of this type of partner is Times Microwave Systems, the preeminent brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connectors. Our commercial space cable assemblies are designed with low outgassing materials (per ASTM E595) and vented connectors, if applicable, to deliver reliable performance and adhere to stringent safety requirements. With Class 100,000 cleanroom manufacturing, our cable assemblies are optimized for the lowest attenuation, radiation resistance, ultra-stable performance with flexure, and phase stable performance over temperature. Our commercial space assemblies are available in standard configurations with our distributors.

InstaBend® Space Cable Assemblies

InstaBend Space assemblies are flexible coaxial microwave assemblies designed for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules, and enclosure panels. These cables can bend not only in the middle of the cable, but also closely behind the connector and allow for flexibility of routing in tight spaces.

MaxGain® Space Assemblies

MaxGain Space assemblies are high-performance, ultra-low loss microwave coaxial cables. Built with our unique spiral outer conductor technology, this lightweight cable is a reliable, high frequency interconnect solution. These cable assemblies are suited for applications like satellites where low loss and high performance are required.

InstaBend® Phase Stable Space Assemblies

InstaBend PhaseStable assemblies are low-loss, ultra-flexible foam-core micro coaxial cables, eliminating the PTFE phase change occurring around 19°C and making it ideal for applications demanding stable phase performance over temperature. This high-performance cable has the same triple-shield construction as several of our popular cables, along with a broad frequency range and strong durability.

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