Directed Energy Weapons

Previously only in the sci-fi realm, directed energy weapons (DEW) are becoming a reality.  Current developments are progressing rapidly in two main branches – high power laser and microwave.  Both technologies require a significant amount of energy to be generated and stored, while operating in harsh environments.

DEW are more cost-effective, accurate, and faster compared to conventional weaponry.  They are expected to be the main component in defense against missiles and unmanned aerial systems.  DEW can be both fixed in ground-based installation or mobile – mounted on vehicles or ships. 

While high power handling is often a challenge on its own, cables and connectors used in DEW must also operate in harsh environments over a wide temperature range with uncompromised reliability and durability.   

Key Solutions

Low-loss coaxial cables: Low cable attenuation minimizes energy loss and heat dissipation. Low-loss cables are particularly advantageous when long lengths are required. The coaxial structure supports safe handling of high voltage and current with a return path.

Quick-disconnect connectors: Positive locking mechanism eliminates tools and potential human error associated with conventional threaded interfaces.

Flame resistance: Flame-resistant jacket on high power cable adds a layer of protection and containment, especially in confined space such as shipboard environment.

Abrasion resistance: Abrasion-resistant jacket adds ruggedization to coaxial cables. In mission-critical applications where a long cable assembly is routed through confined space and bulkhead, this added protection can prevent costly disruption.

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