Type 4.3/10 mini DIN, male (plug), straight, TC style connector for FBT-400, LMR®-400, TCOM-400, and T-RAD®-400-FR type cables. The TC-400-4310M-X features a solder-pin connector and is a perfect option for stranded center conductors. 4.3/10 DIN connectors offer the same robust design of 7-16 connectors with a smaller and lighter footprint, allowing for much more dense, lighter-weight applications. These designs offer a very stable PIM performance and easier installation. Silver-plated contacts and White Bronze plated bodies offer a high degree of conductivity, corrosion resistance, and durability.    

Stock Code: 3190-6272

4.3/10.0 DIN Male (plug)

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This a factory assembled custom assembly. The cable and connectors are not available for individual sale.

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Part NumberTC-400-4310M-X
Stock Code3190-6272
Interface4.3/10 mini DIN
Gendermale (plug)
PIM Rating
Impedance (ohms)50
Max Frequency (GHz)6
VSWR Freq<1.30:1
VSWR Frequency (GHz)<1.30:1
Coupling NutHex
Inner Contact AttachSolder
Outer Contact AttachCrimp
Body FinishAlballoy
Pin FinishAlballoy
Length (mm)53.3
Length (in)2.1
Width (mm)24.5
Width (in)0.96
Weight (g)46.8*
Weight (lb)0.103

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