The FME (For Mobile Equipment) connectors are a miniature series often used for mobile antenna applications. It is a small interface primarily used in public safety applications.

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Type F, female (jack), straight, TC style connector for LMR®-195... female (jack) Straight 3190-6249 LMR-195 LMR-195-DB LMR-195-FR LMR-195-LLPX LMR-195-MA


Type F, male (plug), straight, TC style connector for FBT-240,... male (plug) Straight 3190-6251 FBT-240 LMR-240 LMR-240-DB LMR-240-FR LMR-240-LLPX LMR-240-MA LMR-240-PVC TCOM-240 TCOM-240-FR

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