RG-58 M17/28C-RG58 coaxial cable from Times Microwave Systems has an impedance of 50 ohms and is a versatile, high-quality cable used for a wide range of applications, from radio frequency (RF) and microwave communication systems to test and measurement setups. With excellent electrical properties and rugged construction, RG-58 M17/28C-RG58 is a reliable choice for your coaxial cable needs.


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RG-58 M17/28C-RG58

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Part NumberRG-58
Overall Diameter (mm)4.95
Overall Diameter (in)0.195
Weight Kg/m0.0432
Weight lb/ft0.029
Operating Temp.°C (°F)-40° to 80°C
(-40° to 176°F)
Min. Bend Radius (mm)12.7
Min. Bend Radius (in)0.5
Bending Moment (Nm)
Bending Moment (ft-lb)
Max Frequency (GHz)2
Impedance (ohms)50
Power Handling (DWV)-

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