MaxGain® -130 assemblies are high-performance, ultra-low-loss microwave coaxial cables. Built with our unique spiral outer conductor technology, this lightweight cable is a reliable, high-frequency interconnect solution.

Stock Code: AA-11521

MaxGain-130 low-loss, high performance microwave coaxial cable

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Part NumberMG-130
Overall Diameter (mm)3.33
Overall Diameter (in)0.131
Weight Kg/m26.802
Weight lb/ft0.018
Operating Temp.°C (°F)-55° to 150°C
(-67° to 302°F)
Min. Bend Radius (mm)15.875
Min. Bend Radius (in)0.625
Bending Moment (Nm)
Bending Moment (ft-lb)
Max Frequency (GHz)53
Impedance (ohms)50
Power Handling (DWV)-

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