50 Ohms coax cable with a high-fire retardant jacket. Perfect for indoor runs within return air handling plenums (e.g. dropped ceilings, raised floors). It has a UL/NEC & CSA rating of 'CMP' and 'FT6' respectively.

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LMR-900 Low Loss Plenum, listed CMP/MPP (PCC-FT6), red jacket

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Part NumberLMR-900-LLPX
Overall Diameter (mm)20.3708
Overall Diameter (in)0.802
Weight Kg/m804.06
Weight lb/ft0.54
Operating Temp.°C (°F)-40° to 125°C
(-40° to 257°F)
Min. Bend Radius (mm)76.2
Min. Bend Radius (in)3
Bending Moment (Nm)12.2
Bending Moment (ft-lb)9
Max Frequency (GHz)6
Impedance (ohms)50
Power Handling (DWV)-

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