InstaBend® 086 cable is a flexible, coaxial microwave assembly designed for interconnects between RF circuit cards, modules, and enclosure panels. The cable can be bent very closely behind the connector, simplifying cable routing.


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InstaBend 086 cable

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Part NumberIB-086
Overall Diameter (mm)2.743
Overall Diameter (in)0.108
Weight Kg/m0.0193
Weight lb/ft0.013
Operating Temp.°C (°F)-65° to 125°C
(-85° to 257°F)
Min. Bend Radius (mm)6.35
Min. Bend Radius (in)0.25
Bending Moment (Nm)
Bending Moment (ft-lb)
Max Frequency (GHz)50
Impedance (ohms)50
Power Handling (DWV)-

Cable Details

Cable details

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Part number structure


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