Wafer Fab Equipment

Digital transformation brought by the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and connected cars has created significant demand for semiconductors. Next-generation 3D structures and high aspect ratio features then drive enhancement in etching and material deposition techniques.

Wafer fab equipment is used to remove or deposit material with plasma processes and consists of various subsystems. High performance and reliability are two critical requirements for cables and connectors that link the subsystems. In general, coaxial cable assemblies capable of handling high current, voltage, and/or RF power are used as the interconnect between RF generator and matching network.

New techniques such as voltage waveform tailoring further scale up the demand for high-performance interconnects. Larger yet flexible cables with quick-disconnect connectors are the preferred solution for next-generation wafer fab equipment.

Key Solutions

Low-loss coaxial cables: Low cable attenuation enables a high Q system and minimizes heat dissipation. The coaxial structure supports safe handling of high voltage and current with a return path.

Quick-disconnect connectors: Positive locking mechanism eliminates tools and potential human error associated with conventional threaded interfaces. The tool-free installation, which minimizes debris and other contaminants, is ideal for clean room environment.

Electrical length trimming: In applications where electrical length of the cable assemblies must be tightly controlled, trimming can be carried out based on velocity of propagation.

Flame resistance: Flame-resistant jacket on high power cable adds a layer of protection and containment.

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