UL/CMP Flexible Plenum Cable Options

Due to recent shifts in the industry, the market now has a need for alternatives to cables commonly used in both DAS and telecommunications applications, especially flexible plenum cables that are UL listed as CMP. Although not all cables are built the same, there are similar options to fulfill the needs of these applications. Below is a cross-reference table for some of the CommScope CNTTM line of coaxial cables and cables developed decades ago for a similar application from Times Microwave Systems.

Our line of LLPX cables was designed with indoor low-smoke and fire-retardant plenum applications in mind. Used in DAS and telecommunications, these mission-critical UL listed as CMP plenum cables are now available in black and white jackets, in addition to our original flagship red. Times LLPX cables are low loss, flexible, rugged, and easy to terminate and install. Times Microwave Systems offers a complete solution utilizing our EZ X-series connectors and easy-to-use prep tools.

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CommScope CNTTM-195-PTimes Microwave Systems LMR®-195-LLPX-W
Times Microwave Systems LMR®-195-LLPX
Times Microwave Systems LMR®-195-LLPX-BK
CommScope CNTTM-240-PTimes Microwave Systems LMR®-240-LLPX-W
Times Microwave Systems LMR®-240-LLPX
Times Microwave Systems LMR®-240-LLPX-BK
CommScope CNTTM-400-PTimes Microwave Systems LMR®-400-LLPX-W
Times Microwave Systems LMR®-400-LLPX
Times Microwave Systems LMR®-400-LLPX-BK

Looking for more information? Get in touch with our team of experts. Times Microwave Systems introduced our LMR® cable 30 years ago and we continue to be a leader in coaxial cable innovation.


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