February 2018
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Press Release

Times Microwave Systems introduces a series of Low PIM field install connectors for the TFT-401/TFT-401-LF

Times Microwave Systems has introduced three low PIM field install connectors for the TFT-401 and TFT-401-LF cables. The interfaces are type N, 4.3/10.0 DIN and 7/16 DIN males. These TCP series connectors provide better than -160 dBc (dynamic) of PIM performance. These connectors can be terminated using basic hand tools. We supply a cable prep tool (ST-TFT401, 3192-207) to prep the cable to the proper dimensions as well as a pin crimp tool (PCT-401, 3192-216). When it comes to low PIM, factory-built and tested jumpers make the most sense in most cases but if you have a situation where you need to build custom lengths on a job site or terminate cables that have run through a conduit, these designs are fool proof. The rock-solid PIM performance is achieved by separating the mechanical cable-connector junction from the electrical cable-connector junction.


Cable         Interface        Stock Code         Sales Number 
TFT-401         4310M         3190-6274       TCP-401-4310MC-LP

TFT-401           716M        3190-6275       TCP-401-716MC-LP

TFT-401         NM       3190-6237     TCP-401-NMC-LP


About Times Microwave Systems

Times Microwave Systems has over 60 years experience in designing innovative, high-reliability, coaxial cables and assemblies for demanding interconnection problems. An engineering oriented organization, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cable, connectors, and cable assemblies for RF transmission from HF through microwave frequencies as well as surge arrestors for the protection of RF equipment.