February 2018
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Press Release

Times Microwave Systems introduces a series of Low PIM field install connectors for the TFT-401/TFT-401-LF

Times Microwave Systems® has introduced three low PIM field install connectors for the TFT-401 and TFT-401-LF cables. The interfaces are type N, 4.3/10.0 DIN and 7/16 DIN males. These TCP series connectors provide better than -160 dBc (dynamic) of PIM performance. These connectors can be terminated using basic hand tools. We supply a cable prep tool (ST-TFT401, 3192-207) to prep the cable to the proper dimensions as well as a pin crimp tool (PCT-401, 3192-216). When it comes to low PIM, factory-built and tested jumpers make the most sense in most cases but if you have a situation where you need to build custom lengths on a job site or terminate cables that have run through a conduit, these designs are fool proof. The rock-solid PIM performance is achieved by separating the mechanical cable-connector junction from the electrical cable-connector junction.


Cable         Interface        Stock Code         Sales Number 
TFT-401         4310M         3190-6274       TCP-401-4310MC-LP

TFT-401           716M        3190-6275       TCP-401-716MC-LP

TFT-401         NM       3190-6237     TCP-401-NMC-LP


About Times Microwave Systems

A pioneering brand in innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connector designs, Times Microwave Systems is a division of Amphenol. The company has more than 70 years of experience in the industry and offers the most comprehensive suite of products on the market. Times Microwave Systems continues to rapidly expand its portfolio by addressing defense, medical, telecommunications, precision tests, and space applications. With a staff of more than 100 engineers and a global manufacturing presence, Times Microwave Systems is uniquely qualified to produce the right solution for our customers’ complex requirements.