How to Choose a Cable for Radar Systems

The selection of appropriate coaxial cables for radar systems depends on the specific applications, as well as the requirements for frequency, loss, and phase. Some important factors to consider when selecting coaxial cables for radar applications include:

  • Frequency range: Choose a coaxial cable that supports the frequency range required by the application with the least amount of loss.
  • Phase: Phase matching, tracking, and stability are all crucial, especially for space-based radar applications.
  • Sensitivity: The ability to detect weak signals, such as those from stealthy or distant targets, is crucial, especially in applications such as military radar.
  • Power handling: Ensure that the cable can handle the power levels required. High-power systems may require low-loss cables with better temperature handling capabilities.
  • Loss: Low-loss coaxial cables help maintain signal strength and system accuracy.
  • Environmental factors: Coaxial cables must operate reliably even when radars endure demanding environmental conditions such as adverse weather, harsh environments, or radiation. High-quality coaxial cables designed to withstand such environments are less prone to corrosion and damage and are essential for reducing the risk of signal degradation or system failure.
  • Signal range: Long-range radar systems monitor large areas and detect and track targets at significant distances from the radar antenna. In meteorological radar, long-range capability is necessary to observe weather patterns over a wide area to detect precipitation, storms, and severe weather phenomena at considerable distances and provide timely warnings. Some military radar systems are designed to detect targets at ranges of over a thousand miles. Coaxial cables that minimize signal loss over long distances are crucial for radar systems that must detect targets at extended ranges.

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