Type QMA, male (plug), straight, EZ style connector for LMR®-195 type cables. The EZ-195-QM-X eliminates assembly errors and soldering with crimp-style outer contacts and spring finger inner contacts. It features a no-braid trim design, eliminating FOD and guaranteeing an optimal and consistent termination.  The BeCu pins are designed to maximize surface contact and minimize current density. They provide a strong spring force making the EZ connectors a perfect choice for extreme cold and high- vibration applications where the center conductor might contract. The QMA connector is a quick disconnect version of the SMA with low RF leakage. It features a similar high-power handling capability of an SMA providing a significant advantage over other quick disconnect connectors. The QMA series offers a more convenient installation than SMA connectors, with a snap-on instead of a threaded coupling. Another benefit of eliminating the threaded coupling is the denser packaging since there is no requirement for wrench clearance.

Stock Code: 3190-6383

QMA-male (plug)

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Part NumberEZ-195-QM-X
Stock Code3190-6383
Gender male (plug)
PIM Rating
Impedance (ohms)50
Max Frequency (GHz)8
VSWR Freq<1.30:1
VSWR Frequency (GHz)<1.30:1
Coupling NutKnurl
Inner Contact AttachSpring Finger
Outer Contact AttachCrimp
Body FinishAlballoy
Pin FinishGold
Length (mm)25.7
Length (in)1.01
Width (mm)10.5
Width (in)0.41
Weight (g)10.14
Weight (lb)0.02

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