The 2.4mm connector series is a 50 Ghz connector similar in size to the SMA/3.5MM/2.92MM series and uses a thick outer wall to eliminate the fragility seen in SMA and 2.92mm connectors. The 2.4mm interface mates with 1.85mm series without adapters and is NOT intermateable with the SMA or it’s similar counterparts.

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Part # Description Gender Orientation Stock Code Compatible With


2.4 mm, male, straight, for PT-047/SF-047/TF-047 male (plug) Straight 3190-6876 TF-047


Type 2.4mm, male (plug), straight, EZ style connector for TFLEX®-405... male (plug) Straight 3190-6317 TFLEX-405


Type 2.4mm, male (plug), straight, SP style connector for MG-130... male (plug) Straight SP014 MG-130

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