SilverLine®-SF (Super Flex) SilverLine-SF is approximately 40% more flexible than traditional SilverLine. This is accomplished by replacing the steel center conductor with copper and the FEP outer jacket with polyurethane. SilverLine-SF retains its bent shape. That is, the cable has memory. SilverLine-LL (Low Loss) SilverLine-LL is a low loss version of traditional SilverLine. Along with the SF changes above the solid core is replaced with tape wrapped PTFE. Flexibility is similarly increased, memory is introduced and the attenuation is reduced by approximately 30%. Both SilverLine-SF and SilverLine-LL use the robust, proven connector attachment and strain relief systems that have become so popular and successful with original SilverLine.

Features and Benefits:
  • 40% More Flexible
  • 30% Lower Loss (SilverLine®-LL Only)
  • Identical Proven Attachment Method
  • ROHS Compliant
  • High volume production test stations
  • Research and development labs
  • Replacement for OEM test cables
Time's Silverline® Product Guarantee:

Times will repair or replace your SilverLine test cable at its option if the connector attachment fails within four months of shipment. This guarantee excludes cable or connector interface damage from misuse or abuse.