Part Number EZ-400-NM-75
Interface N
Gender Male
Orientation Straight Plug
PIM Rating N/A
Stock Code 3190-1618
VSWR Freq <1.25:1
VSWR Freq GHz 2
Coupling Nut Knurl
Inner Contact Attach Spring Finger
Outer Contact Attach Crimp
Body Finish Nickel
Pin Finish Gold
Length (in) 2
Length (mm) 50.5
Width (in) 0.81
Width (mm) 20.6
Weight (lb) 0.1
Weight (g) 45.36
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Installation Tools

The following Hardware and Installation tools are compatible with this connector's compatible cables.

Crimp Tool

Part Number: CT-U

Stock Code: 3192-181

Crimp Handle (Dies Required)

Crimp Rings

Part Number: CR-400

Stock Code: 3190-830

Crimp rings for TC/EZ-400 connectors (package of 10)

Tool Kit

Part Number: TK-400EZ-75

Stock Code: 660-0084

"Tool kit for LMR-400-75 crimp/clamp connectors includes,CCT-02,CST-400-75, CT-400/300, Tool Pouch)"

Strip Tool

Part Number: CST-400-75

Stock Code: 3192-089

Combination prep tool for LMR-400-75 crimp and clamp connectors

Crimp Dies

Part Number: Y1719

Stock Code: 3190-202

.429" Hex Dies

Ground Kit

Part Number: GK-S400TT

Stock Code: GK-S400TT

Standard Grounding Kit (each)

Hoisting Grip

Part Number: HG-400T

Stock Code: HG-400T

Laced Type (each)

Cutting Tool

Part Number: CCT-02

Stock Code: 3192-165

Cable end flush cut tool

Replacement Blade

Part Number: RB-02

Stock Code: 3192-166

Replacement blade for cutting tool

Replacement Blade Kit

Part Number: RB-CST

Stock Code: 3192-086

Replacement blade kit for all CST cutting tools

Cutting Tool

Part Number: CCT-03

Stock Code: 3192-267

The CCT-03 tool is an efficinet tool for cutting LMR, TCOM and RG cables having a diameter of LMR-600 or smaller. This tool provides a clean, square cut - leaving the the cable cut perfectly round.