LMR ®/ High Performance

LMR® cables are high-performance broadband, flexible, low loss 50 OHM coaxial communication cables designed for use in wireless applications.

Low PIM Cables

Flexible, Low PIM, Plenum Rated Jumper Cables with -160 dBc PIM. These cables are UL listed, type CMP (plenum), UL file #E-170516. 

Times Microwave Systems offers TRAD™ and NuTrac™ radiating cables to provide RF coverage in structures which are otherwise difficult to cover.
High Power

High Power cables are used in applications such as MRI, semi conductor and flat panel equipment, broadcast and high power lasers.

Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cables feature lower loss than flexible cables with superior shielding effectiveness and low passive intermod (PIM).
Microwave Cables

High-performance microwave cables are rugged and flexible, making them ideal for interconnect applications. 

M17 & RG

M17/RG Cables meet all MIL-C-17 requirements and provide good shielding effectiveness. They are low PIM, use standard connectors, and are readily available through distribution.

Military Shipboard

Military Shipboard Low Smoke Coaxial Cables are MIL-C -17 and MIL-DTL-17-QPL rated for MIL-Spec air frames, shipboard and ground applications. 


TCA cables feature low attenuation, light weight, high flexibility and durable contructions to perform in the most challenging aerospace environments.

  • Low loss
  • Lightweight technology
  • Broad temperature range