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Times-Protect Lightning Protection Products
FREE Handbook & Literature Select from a wide variety of available literature
Wireless Products Catalog Contains complete LMR series, T-RAD, nu-TRAC, TCOM, FBT, Broadband Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Install Tools, Hardware Accessories, Application Notes
Wireless Products Price List Current List Prices and Cross Reference to Wireless Products Catalog and Lightning Protection Products
Cable Performance Calculators Calculate cable attenuation, power, efficiency, vswr, & return loss (online or off-line)
Coax Catalog & Handbook M17/RG Reference Tables, Select Cable Products, Tech Notes on cable characteristics
MILTECH Cable Assembly Catalog MILTECH, Phase Matched, Equalized, MM Wave, Test Adapters, Tools, M8 Multi-Port
TMS Capabilities Brochure Products, Markets, Developments, & Background
Install Videos - Bundled Cable Installation videos for LMR Bundled Cable Applications
LMR Connector Drawings Spec Sheets (including Outline Drawing) for connectors in Wireless Products Catalog
LMR Connector Install Procedures Installation instructions for connectors in Wireless Products Catalog
LMR Connector Install Pictorials Installation Pictorials for connectors in Wireless Products Catalog
LMR-X Connector Comparisons Physical Outline and Electrical Performance Comparisons
Install Videos - Connectors Installation videos for select connectors in Wireless Products Catalog
LMR Hardware Install Procedures Installation Procedures for Hardware Accessories in Wireless Products Catalog
Install Videos - Hardware Accessories Installation videos for select hardware accessories in Wireless Products Catalog
LMR Discover Brochure Q&A why you should use LMR®
LMR Selection Guide Comparison Table of LMR vs Other Cable Products
LMR Selection Guide (metric) Metric version of Comparison Table
LMR Spool Capacity Reel Sizes and Weights for LMR Cables
LMR Warranty LMR Warranty Defined
Technical Articles Article reprints on select topics
Application Notes White Papers on select topics
Application Worksheet Fill in the detals and submit for recommendations
TIMES-line Times Microwave historical developments
MILTECH Assemblies Introduction, Qualifications, & Capabilities