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TIMESline major developments

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A capsule summary of some of TMS's major accomplishments - organized chronologically:

1945 Times was founded, and a major product line is supplying cable to an expanding electronics market.
1952 Introduced cellular-polyethylene dielectrics for low-loss, triaxial shield constructions, and increased shielding effectiveness.
1959 Developed first phase-compensated coaxial cable for electronically steerable array radar.
1960 Introduced strip braids for lower attenuation and increased shielding characteristics.
1963 Established a manufacturing facility for connectors and facilities for production of precision cable assemblies with precise phase and time delay characteristics.
1966 Designed and manufactured the complete Semi-flexible cable set for the EMC system on the F-111.
1973 Expanded product line to include nuclear instrumentation cables and developed radiating coaxial transmission lines for communication in enclosed areas.
1978 Developed low-loss flexible cable with attenuation of less than 25dB/100ft at 18 GHz.
1983 Pioneered self-torquing/self-locking connector technology.
1987 Began development of a new line of highly phase stable, ultra-flexible cables.
1988 Engineered high performance multi-contact interconnection system for use up to 20GHz.
1989 Created reliable high voltage coaxial cable for use in cyclotrons.
1990 Developed low-loss vapor sealed flexible cable with attenuation of less than 22dB/100ft at 18 GHz. Designed and produced first flexible impedance transforming transmission line.
1991 Developed and qualified flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity coaxial cables.
1992 Developed T-Flex(tm) flexible cables to replace RG-402 and RG-405 semi-rigid cables and still use the same connectors.
1994 Developed and qualified an extremely lightweight, vapor sealed, flexible EW cable with 20 dB/100ft attenuation at 18 GHz.
1995 TMS's user friendly Multi-Port connector system is chosen for use on F-22 EW and CNI avionics equipment.
1997 Designed and developed blind-mating, quick-disconnect connector for military and commercial aircraft antenna systems.
1998 Developed P8 version of Multi-Port Interconnect System to provide simplified Insertion and Removal.
1999 New MIL-C-17 specifications (M17/220-M17/228) released for Times' newly developed line of lightweight, low-loss, low smoke, low toxicity coaxial cables.
2002 Times develops silicon dioxide SiO2 cable assembly product line, supporting applications with extreme environmental requirements
2003  Mini-Multi-Port (MMP) connectors released, significantly increasing input/output density of broadband microwave interconnects.
2004 Times expands cable assembly operations in China.
2006 Times receives the Boeing Supplier of the Year Award in their Avionics category.
2007 Times expands operations in China to include cable manufacturing.
2008 Miltech MTL Lightweight Cable Assembly product line series expanded.
2011 PhaseTrack(tm) cable family expanded to include semi-rigid, supporting critical phase requiremnents.
2012 MaxGain(tm) General Purpose Cable Assemblies developed with unique, ultra-stable outer conductor geometry.