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July 2015
Silverline Low PIM Improvements
Times MIcrowave China: Microwave Cables, Connectors and Assemblies
May 2015
New Generation of HPL High Power Cables is here:
Your choice of Bulk Cables, Connectors to fit  or Completed Assemblies 
April 2015
Complete CST Prep Tool List
Improved Silverline® LP cables: now over 20% lighter and increased cable-connector gripping force
LMR® trademark comments
March 2015
Price List linked to StockCheck
StockCheck now shows TMS inventory of Low-PIM and Times-Protect Items
New Crimp Tools offerd with improved performance at lower cost
February 2015
LP-SPT Surge Tester Updates Coming Soon
Find Low-PIM DAS Jumpers on StockCheck
Now 26 Low-PIM Adapters offered and custom kits available
January 2015
New Connectors for TFT-402 Low-PIM DAS Jumpers
New Low-PIM Adapters offered
Times qualifies to European Space Agency Standard 3902
November 2014
More Times-Protect Connectors Released
Low-PIM DAS Jumpers
October 2014
Verizon Wireless Approvals
TimesProtect LP-GTV-T DC-Pass series Lightning Protectors
EZ style QN Interfarces for LMR-400
September 2014
SilverLine swept right angle now available on unarmored test cables
TimesProtect CST tool special promotion
July 2014
CCT-02 Cuting Tool - new tool available
New SilverLine-XF eXtra Flexible test leads now available
June 2014
LMR-SW Low PIM Cables - new connectors and price reductions
New EZ-QN interface connectors for LMR-400 cables
New 18th Edition Wireless Products catalog available July, 2014
May 2014
SPO Low PIM Outdoor Jumper Cables 
Silverline-CAS Low PIM Test cables 
Times Protect Special Promotion
April 2014
4.1/9.5 mini-DIN Connector for Low Loss, Low PIM Plenum Rated Jumpers
Times Products on the iBwave Website
March 2014
Mini DIN’S (4.1/9.5) for LMR-400
Radiating Cable Brochure
February 2014
New Low PIM Field Install Connectors for the SPP-250-LLPL Cable
The NEW LMR-240 Series Connectors Are Here!
January 2014  
Now Available – the Times-Protect LP-SPT RF Lightning Protection Tester
New High Power (100-700MHz) Times-Protect LP-HBX-N Lightning Protector Series Now Available!
Expanding Line of SilverLine Test Cables
December 2013
Re-Introducing the LMR-900
Ultra-Low-Loss General Purpose Microwave Cable Assemblies
SilverLine Online Store
November 2013
Coming Soon! The Times-Protect LP-SPT RF Lightning Protection Tester
TFT 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables and Assemblies Available From Times Microwave Systems
October 2013
TFT 50 Ohm Coaxial Cables and Assemblies from Times Microwave Systems
SilverLine 40 GHz Test Cables Available from Times
Times Protect Special Promotion Continues!
September 2013
New EZ-400-BM-X and EZ-400-BM-RA-X Connectors for LMR-400 Cable!
Times-Protect Special Promotion to Run Again!
New PhaseTrack Cable Assembly Products
August 2013
More Times Products listed on the iBwave Website
Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED SilverLine Pricing Tool
New Color –Coded Identification for LMR-LLPL Connectors
July 2013
New TC-600-TM-RA-D Connector for LMR-600 Cable Available From Times Microwave Systems
Times Website Calculator Updated
Updated Data Sheet for SPP-250-LLPL Plenum Rated Jumper Cables
June 2013
New 6 Port Times-Protect Smart Panel
Times Microwave Product Training at Foxwoods
May 2013
Introducing NEW SilverLine-75 Test Cables
Times Microwave Introduces a Complete Line of Low PIM Test Adaptors for Cellular DAS Testing Applications
On Hold Messages Provide Product Information to our Customers
April 2013
Times Microwave Products Listed on the iBwave Website
Times Microwave Systems Extends LMR® Product Warranty
New ST-1200-CH Prep Tool for LMR-1200 Cables Now Available
March 2013
Saying goodbye and best wishes to Joe Lanoue
Ken Rand is featured speaker at Entelec 2013 Spring Conference
Times-Protect Product Warranty Now Covers Free Replacement!
February 2013
Seventeenth Edition of the Wireless Products Catalog Available in March!
Complete Series of CST Prep Tools for LMR-195 through LMR-600 Available From Times Microwave!
Bundled Cable for COW and COLT Applications
January 2013 
PIM and Plenum Rated Jumper Cables for In-Building Coverage Systems
New Prep Tool for LMR-195 & LMR-200 Low Loss Coaxial Cables Now Available
More Times-Protect Protector Connectors Coming Soon


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