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LMR Hardware Install Procedures

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Note: - contact the factory for hardware items not listed.
Select the Hardware Item of interest to find install instruction.

Installation Hardware
Mini Coax Support Blocks Download
Threaded Mounting Hardware Kits Download
AB-CB Adapter Bracket Download
AB-CBH Adapter Bracket Download
Butterfly Hangers Download
Standard Hangers Download
Clip Hangers Download
AA-U Universal angle Adapter Kits Download
AA-US Snap-in Angle Adapter Download
AA-SL Angle Adapter Download
AA-SL Angle Adapter(metric) Download
Stand-off Adapter Download
Snap-in Stand-off Adapter Download
Mini Cluster Support Bracket Download
Round Member Adapters Download
Weatherproofing Kits
WK-U Universal Kit Download
WK-2 Vinyl Mastic Kit Download
Ground Kits
Standard Ground Kits Download
GK-S400TT Ground Kit Download
Entry Panels
EP-220 Download
EP-574 Download
EP-1448 Download
EP-1635 Download
EP-575 Download
EP-1199 Download
EP-1650 Download
EP-1449 Download
EP-1477 Download
EP-576 Download
EP-1338 Download
EP-1033 Download
EP-1297 Download
EP-1118 Download
EP-1334 Download
EP-1336 Download
EP-1447 Download
EP-1333 Download
EP-1340 Download
Cushions and Feedthrough Assembly
BA-400 Boot Assembly Download
Cushion Inserts Download
Cushion Plugs Download


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