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Coax Cable Catalog & Handbook
Coax Cable Catalog & Handbook
Front Cover - Page 1Download
Indroduction - Page 2Download
Table of Contents - Page 3Download
Expertise (separator page) - Page 4Download
Markets Served - Page 5Download
Interconnect System Capability - Page 6Download
High Performance Coaxial Cable Section - Page 7Download
M17/RG Select Types - Page 8-9Download
LSSB Low Smoke Non-Halogen - Page 10-11Download
LLSB Low Loss Low Smoke Non-Halogen - Page 12-13Download
Stripflex 'SF' - Page 14-15Download
Stripflex II 'SFT' - Page 16-17Download
T-COM Low Loss Low PIM Coax - Page 18-19Download
T-Flex Alternative to Semirigid - Page 20-21Download
Coppersol Semi-Rigid Coax - Page 22-23Download
Coppersol Low Loss 'CLL' - Page 24-25Download
The Coax Leader (separator page) - Page 26Download
MIL Spec M17 & RG Reference Tables - Page 27Download
MIL-C-17 Introduction - Page 28Download
M17/2 - M17/47 Specification Table - Page 29Download
M17/52 - M17/78 Specification Table - Page 30Download
M17/78 - M17/111 Specification Table - Page 31Download
M17/112 - M17/130 Specification Table - Page 32Download
M17/130 - M17/133 Specification Table - Page 33Download
M17/133 - M17/139 Specification Table - Page 34Download
M17/133 - M17/139 Specification Table - Page 35Download
M17/167 - M17/183 Specification Table - Page 36Download
M17/184 - M17/201 Specification Table - Page 37Download
M17/201 - M17/217 Specification Table - Page 38Download
M17/218 - M17/228 Specification Table - Page 39Download
Attenuation & Power Table M17/2 - M17/113 - Page 40Download
Attenuation & Power Table M17/116 - M17/133 - Page 41Download
Attenuation & Power Table M17/133 - M17/177 - Page 42Download
Attenuation & Power Table M17/178 - M17/220 - Page 43Download
Attenuation & Power Table M17/221 - M17/228 - Page 44Download
RG-1 to RG-14 Reference Table - Page 45Download
RG-15 to RG-27 Reference Table - Page 46Download
RG-28 to RG-54 Reference Table - Page 47Download
RG-54 to RG-64 Reference Table - Page 48Download
RG-64 to RG-84 Reference Table - Page 49Download
RG-85 to RG-111 Reference Table - Page 50Download
RG-112 to RG-132 Reference Table - Page 51Download
RG-133 to RG-158 Reference Table - Page 52Download
RG-159 to RG-180 Reference Table - Page 53Download
RG-181 to RG-199 Reference Table - Page 54Download
RG-200 to RG-228 Reference Table - Page 55Download
RG-228 to RG-250 Reference Table - Page 56Download
RG-251 to RG-278 Reference Table - Page 57Download
RG-279 to RG-302 Reference Table - Page 58Download
RG-303 to RG-332 Reference Table - Page 59Download
RG-333 to RG-388 Reference Table - Page 60Download
RG-389 to RG-405 Reference Table - Page 61Download
Blank Notes Page - Page 62Download
Reference Data & Application Notes - Page 63Download
Abbreviation Key - Page 64Download
Coax Design Equations - Page 65Download
General Electrical Properties & Insulating Materials - Page 66Download
Application Notes, Impedance, VSWR - Page 67Download
VSWR - Page 68Download
VSWR, Attenuation - Page 69Download
Attenuation Uniformity & Stability - Page 70Download
Power Rating - Page 71Download
Operating Voltage,, Shielding - Page 72Download
Capacitance, Velocity, Electrical Length Stability - Page 73Download
Cutoff Frequency, Pulse Response - Page 74Download
Cable Noise, Temperature Range - Page 75Download
Flexibility, Environmental Resistance - Page 76Download
Cable Strength, Qualification Approvals - Page 77Download
Catalogs Available - Page 78-79Download
Back Cover - Page 80Download