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LMR® Wireless Products Catalog

LMR Wireless LMR Wireless
LMR (Standard)
LMR-100A Download
LMR-195 Download
LMR-200 Download
LMR-240 Download
LMR-300 Download
LMR-400 Download
LMR-500 Download
LMR-600 Download
LMR-900 Download
LMR-1200 Download
LMR-1700 Download
LMR-LW195 Download
LMR-LW200 Download
LMR-LW240 Download
LMR-LW400 Download
LMR-LW600 Download
LMR-195-UF Download
LMR-200-UF Download
LMR-240-UF Download
LMR-300-UF Download
LMR-400-UF Download
LMR-500-UF Download
LMR-600-UF Download
LMR-LLPX Low Loss Plenum
LMR-195-LLPX Download
LMR-200-LLPX Download
LMR-240-LLPX Download
LMR-300-LLPX Download
LMR-400-LLPX Download
LMR-500-LLPX Download
LMR-600-LLPX Download
LMR-900-LLPX Download
LMR-1200-LLPX Download
LMR-75 Low Loss 75 Ohm Coax
LMR-200-75 Download
LMR-240-75 Download
LMR-300-75 Download
LMR-400-75 Download
LMR-600-75 Download
TCOM Low Loss Low PIM Coax
TCOM-195 Download
TCOM-200 Download
TCOM-240 Download
TCOM-300 Download
TCOM-400 Download
TCOM-500 Download
TCOM-600 Download
LMR Install Tools
Installation Tools and Tool Kits Download
LMR Hardware Accessories
Complete Catalog Section: Hardware Accessories Download
Engineered Products and Certified Installer Program
Engineered Products, CITP Download
FBT Low Loss High Power Coax
FBT-195 Download
FBT-200 Download
FBT-240 Download
FBT-300 Download
FBT-400 Download
FBT-500 Download
FBT-600 Download
FlexTech Jumper Assemblies
FlexTech Download
Leaky Feeder Radiating Cable
T-RAD Cables and Connectors Download
SilverLine Test Cables
SilverLine Test Cables and Adapters Download
Intra-Flex In-box Interconnects Download
LMR-SW Smooth Wall Low PIM
LMR-SW Download
LMR Bundled Cables
Bundled Cables, Tools and Accessories Download
Times-Protect Lightning Protection
Lightning Protection Devices Download
Surge Protection Tester Download
Smart Panel Download
Tech Notes
Tech Notes: Connector Interface Guide, Coax Materials, Design Equations, Coax Selection and Technical Primer Download
Coax Selection Guide Download
Part Reference Guide