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TestMate Assemblies

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TestMate Cable Assemblies are rugged, low loss microwave test cables optimized for application where long test cables are needed.


TestMate and TestMateXR cables incorporate varying levels of ruggedization, and take advantage of interchangeable front ends to support field testing, modifications and maintenance.





TestMate 340 PUR cable assemblies use a thick wall polyurethane (PUR) outer jacket to provide rugged yet highly flexible protection in support of applications where both low loss broadband coverage and cable flexibility are needed.


TestMate XR - eXtra Rugged - cable assemblies start with the low loss MilTech 230 and 340 optimized broadband cable technology, and incorporate internal ruggedization components to provide superior resistance to physical abuse that may be encountered during use. These cables are perfectly suited for use in test situations requiring long test leads in busy environments (industrial shop floor, outdoor / tarmac sites, vehicle assembly and teardown shops). The TM230XRS is uses a stranded center conductor for maximum flexibility.


This cable incorporates a wound spring steel structural support layer beneath the internal extruded jacket, putting an armoring layer under the abrasion resistant braided outer jacket. The support layer provides crush resistance of up to 300 lbs/linear inch and limits the bending radius. This construction yields the maximum ruggedization, with the minimum added weight or diameter build-up.

TestMate Performance Summary Table

Cable Type

Cable Diameter

(in / mm, nominal)

Max Loss @ 18GHz


Propagation Velocity, Nominal (Vg)

Minimum Static Bend Radius (in / mm)



0.40"/ 10.1mm



2.75" / 70mm

0.118lbs/ft (175g/m)








 0.28" / 7.1mm



 1.375" / 35mm

 0.08lbs/ft (134g/m)


0.28" / 7.1mm



1.375" / 35mm

0.08lbs/ft (134g/m)


0.385" / 9.8mm



1.9" / 48mm

0.140lbs/ft (208g/m)


TestMate Product Specification Table



For application assistance, contact your Times Military/Aerospace Regional Applications Engineer.