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Test Assemblies and Products

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Be sure of your results - use Times Microwave Systems Test Products




TEST CABLE ASSEMBLY STYLES Times Microwave offers a range of cable assembly products to support many different testing situations. Use Times Microwave test assemblies to be sure.

SILVERLINE TEST ASSEMBLIES Stable, repeatable and rugged, a great choice for most testing applications. Armored styles available - for even tougher assignments.

TUFFGRIP TEST ASSEMBLIES Designed for on-site testing of wireless systems.

SILVERLINE 40GHz TEST ASSEMBLIES are available for ultra-stable high frequency (mmWave) performance.

TESTMATE TEST ASSEMBLIES  For low loss and long runs in a rugged test cable with interchangeable connectors, look to Times specialized TestMate products.   


ADAPTERS - TMTA SERIES - Rugged, Between-Series Adapters

For demanding, long life applications, Times Microwave Systems TMTA adapters provide all around performance you can rely on. Initially developed to support testing at the Times Microwave factory, these adapters have been adopted by many commercial and military customers to support their own in-house and field testing requirements.


Built to the same standards as the MilTech product line, these adapters stand up to the harshest conditions and go the distance.