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TCOM Assemblies

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Tcom Assemblies

 Let Times put our TCOM cable to work in your completed assemblies - and get rugged, broader-band, low VSWR performance that stands up to flexing and coiling.


TCOM low loss, low PIM cable is available in standard TCOM, TCOM ultra-flex and TCOM-FlexStrand versions.

CONSTRUCTION:  Standard TCOM construction includes a copper-clad aluminum center conductor, foam polyethylene dielectric, silver-plated copper strip braid outer conductor and tinned-copper braid outer shield, with a polyethylene outer jacket. Highly flexible polyurethane outer jacketing is used in the TCOM ultra-flex cable, for notably improved overall cable flexibility. TCOM FlexStrand uses stranded center conductors in addition to the polyurethane jacket for the ultimate in TCOM cable flexibility.

USES:  TCOM cables are often used in low PIM situations and in field deployable antenna feeder applications - especially when the ability to withstand several thousand reelings counts. Custom cable assemblies are also available with additional outer jacket or armor options.